Menopause in the Workplace

Did you know that according to the CIPD in the UK, for every ten women experiencing menopausal symptoms, six say it has a negative impact on their work?

Fortunately the CIPD goes on to add that “With the right support, there’s no need for women to press pause on their career during this natural transition. But many women will continue to suffer in silence unless we break the taboo and start talking openly about the menopause at work”.

I did just that and recently hosted a “Let’s talk about Menopause” session at our Roche annual Live-Well week. Joined virtually by Deborah Garlick of Henpicked and a Doctor from our own Medical Services we were able to help address many of the questions of the 180 women who joined. I am very happy we could create an inclusive space for that first conversation.

Image as screen shot rom CIPD Menopause Leaflet

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