1. Menopause in the Workplace

    04 Oct 2020
    Did you know that according to the CIPD in the UK, for every ten women experiencing menopausal symptoms, six say it has a negative impact on their work?Fortunately the CIPD goes on to add that “With the right support, there’s no need for women to press pause on their career…

  2. The story behind the images on Henpicked

    24 Sep 2020
    I have been working with the amazing Deborah Garlick at Henpicked and was very happy to contribute a story for their blog and website. Nice to see the story behind my images now featured at

  3. Interviewed by Menopause Cafe

    21 Sep 2020
    It’s so exciting to see everything going live today including and interview which I did a while ago with Menopause Cafe. Helen was super supportive despite me being very nervous. I love the work they do to provide a safe space for people to talk about their experiences and to…

  4. Menopause in schools

    29 Aug 2020
    So great to see the Menopause being added to the school curriculum in the UK from September.  Itchy skin, fatigue, brain fog. Menopause is more than just a few hot flushes. So true!  Thank you Jemma Cox & Carissa Jumu at the BBC  for this great video 

  5. 34 symptoms?!

    30 May 2020
    When I started my research into menopause and tried to understand a bit more about it for myself, I discovered that there are an unbelievable 34 different symptoms that you could experience at some point during this change.  I am sure every woman is different but I found it very…

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